Image transfers

Eyes lie embedded in the vagabond soul
apparently unseeing  yet the panorama swings
from myopic realities to cosmic patterns
All captured with clarity, in a blink of an eye

Aromas of life swirled in an hourglass of time
effortless surrender  to words ,full-bodied, sublime
Soporific hours, always a synchronized battlefield
Poring soul’s bloody ink onto imaginary lines

When the balm of love caresses un-mendable  rags of time
Hundreds of kaleidoscopic butterflies burst upon the scene
Each brings a pearl delving into depths of Salacia’s lap
A wordsmith’s insight emerges for the ultimate grinding

Then it shows up as a sparkling jewel to discerning eyes
Luxuriating on an exalted throne in their luminous souls
Thus the sojourn ends breezing along truant,illuminated alleys
Holographing  omnipresent eyes onto a peacock’s wondrous stole
©Reena Prasad

Published  in Vayavya


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