Job assured, monthly cash flow secure

Time on hands, music no longer enchants

Bored, tired , hungry perpetually

He reads more wedding invitations

than paperback crime thrillers.

All symptoms match his coming of age

He hovers on matrimony’ s edge

Unsure, insecure yet raring to go.



Her  frizzy fringes tamed now to grow long

Her mother on prowl for suitable prey

Father scanning  three online newspapers

to avoid paying the broker’s fees.

She avoids gatherings for they bring queries

about her still- solitary status

Hormones rampant, full moon waning

She nods when she sees his snap.



Naughts and crosses ,the diabolical diagram enigma

interspersed with numerically-coded  planetary quirks

The net-savvy  druid announces a match

between his zodiac art and her natal horoscope

Mother announces  the news of a perfect catch

He conjures up images of the honeymoon trip

She splurges on the innards of her bridal trousseau.


Thus they dream on in separate heavens

while their stars plan for the future wars

They sacrifice the happiness of carefree youth

for numerical computations of “rajju” and “yujja”

Happiness abounds ,homesteads sport fresh paint

Auspicious rituals shorten the suddenly  long days

She sparkles  shyly in her bridal flowers

He  smiles nervously, they tune in together


Strangers thrown together like cowrie shells

declared soul-mates by crisscrossing  planets

for spending not one but seven births together

Fate, karma, destiny or  just crafty synastry?



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