Chasing a dream-1

Chasing a dream

The wind chases a crumpled leaf

down the winding, never-ending street

While I wrestle with my truant dreams

running behind to cajole them back

The wind, only an impassive messenger

sent to test the swirling, chimerical depths.

The horrified moon watches the terraneous  carnival

from the shadows of her celestial pedestal,

As the crepuscular vestiges begin pointing

towards the frightened selenic  beauty,

the smiling pipe-dream fails me again

transforming  swiftly into a jeering  incubus…


Flailing arms fight to avoid its fuming onslaught,

The satin -kissed fabric twists under the writhing bodies

tightening into a nylon noose that slithers

onto a throbbing jugular vein.

Scorning a sleeping death ,

a desperate instinct drags me away

just as the dreamy universe sinks into a squelching quagmire


And I run a thousand eternities

leaving behind my torn wings

Only to meet my ravished reflection

in the thawing lake of hope

wearing my broken wings

Raindrops and a salty potion shake hands in glee.

As the waves recede back into the dreamless blue

I grasp at the slipping sand between my toes….


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