Chasing a dream….Version 2

The wind chases a crumpled leaf

down the winding, never-ending street

while I play with my truant dreams

running behind to cajole them back.

The wind, also a fellow conspirator

pulls me into the pleasurable depths.

The amused moon watches the terraneous carnival

peeping from the shadows of her celestial pedestal.

As the crepuscular vestiges begin pointing

towards the smiling, selenic beauty,

the smiling pipe- dream entices me again

transforming  gently into a shimmering  butterfly…….

Angel- like wings buoy me up onto a bridge

The satin -kissed fabric  twirls under me

into a soft jasmine-scented carpet,

welcoming my  awe-struck, bare feet.

Breathing in a soul-freshening fragrance,

I start to explore this bridge to paradise

just as the dreamy universe melts into

a  river of ecstatic, humming  memories….

And I swim a thousand eternities

leaving behind my imaginary sorrows

only to meet my blissful reflection

In  Serenity’s lake of hope

wearing a pendant of  happy rose buds.

Raindrops and my smiling pearls shake hands in symphony

As the surging waves recede back into the eternal blue,

I smile in my dream and turn over to dream some more…..

 ©Reena Prasad

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