Musings on the best poem

Musings on the best poem

How do you decide which is your best poem? Is it the one you like the best because of certain, strange reasons  you know best or is it the one you have got the maximum good comments on? Or the one which conforms to certain poetry norms and is almost a Wordsworth-like “classic?

If it is your personal favourite, think about all those wrong choices you have made in life. Are you willing to depend on your weird, choosing skills again? 

If it is the one with the most comments, think about the funny poem you wrote, combining the names of all the English movies you have seen and for which you got comments like ” awesome imagery,profound thoughts and poem par excellence” . Can you trust your readers judgement more than yours?

If it has a classic poetic touch and has the faintest whiff of  any of the great poetic icons, don’t you think people will  much prefer to read the original  works of Wordsworth  rather than bother with a Wordsworth-like poem?

In the end ,if you finally decide on one (maybe by just closing your eyes and jabbing at a title with your finger or doing extensive reseach on the requirements of a good poem on Google), does it not imply that this is the best you can do in your life…why to keep on writing  any more, when your best is passe! Just a few random thoughts…..


2 thoughts on “Musings on the best poem

  1. Those are excellent questions, and ones I think every aspiring poet must ask him/herself. I don’t think the poet should rely on the one with the most comments, because that does not necessarily mean it is one’s “best” work. Reader feedback is great, but it ultimately comes back to the poet…and there may be more than one “best”!

    It is something you just “feel” – you will know it when you write and re-read it…our “best” poems speak to us inside. As for whether readers would rather read the original classics vs. our poetry, consider that even those “classic” poets like Wordsworth were inspired, at some point, by someone else. 😉


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