Out…. walking

I walk along the lane
with thoughts of olden days
My feet keep pace with rushing blues
My eyes wander
yet I stay
still at that place
where I stopped once for you.
Giving up this ghost of rushing life
my soul lifts my feet
above the reality that creaks
everytime I stop and seek.
Something elusive , something bold
still keeps me in its hold
The rain that poured one summer day
drenches me with its
warmth today.

The sign board still flashes
The road is “Under repair”
though I know better
it never existed ever.
A narrow footpath of hope
lined with hopeful flowers
once started from a ramshackle inn
now leads to an extinct bower.
Those foot falls of lost time still echo
some fragile dreams run for cover
lest they see reality’s tall shadows
toppling imagination’s shaky towers .

And I walk alone in peace
happy for I never picked
A blooming flower from those dales
though the wind tempts me even today.
Joyful for the valley sprouts,
fresh blossoms for younger hearts
The virgin buds still nod and wave
They know the sacrifices that only love makes
They know that teardrops wash my soul
when stinging drops taunt from above
Friends from my lonely walks, tell him
that I dropped a tear in solitude’s lap
but not before the twilight frays
Not before they seal my grave.



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