They lie everywhere

in homes, market places

schools and work tables

These broken pieces

Some bit by sharp misconceptions

Some dashed by invisible icebergs

They lie in trembling interludes.


Some were made with love

some conceived in ignorant haste

some sculpted with immense care

some just bloomed in baskets of waste

Trust has fled these raging shores as

tsunamis tore into desperate whorls.

Arsonists light their flaming torches

feigning to dispel the deliberate darkness

but throwing matches into turbulent cores.


Hearts have kernels that no longer bleed

Shells impervious to mortal dreams

Young buds briefly bloom in rigid nurseries

Soon they too develop, a cynical gleam

Where once knowledge joined curious minds

Distorted visions have divided lives

The books, the tongues, the clashing colours

have bonsied rainbows into gaudy beams.


Blame one, blame all, blame the silent gods

They watch helpless nailed to immovable pedestals

Or call the crows, the conscience cleaners

Let common souls take over the uncommon service

with open minds and broken chains

Swallowing the rotten bits, erasing the shame

the environment can no longer bear to sustain..


Ignorance is never a plausible excuse

Silence is only an adroit approval.

Gather scattered pieces, smoothen edges frayed

Let the human resurrection begin today!


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