Still on a swing

Falling leaves keep changing colour
The sunlight evaporates time
Album pages flutter rapidly and stop
at a tyre swing
Four little hands clasp the iron rope
seated on either side of a rubber tyre
Their giggles rock the air-borne boat
under the purple-black  jamos

In that world of pails and sand
time moved swiftly as though envious
little black shoes kicked squeaky yellow ones
The school bell clanged –
the moment burst and all were gone

 Her eyes followed, she watched them go
tugging hurriedly at her  tyre-wedged shoe
Tears welled up till she saw him
come running back for her 

Worried they both were till he pulled
her foot out of the narrow wedge
Then she hopped on one foot 
And he followed with her shoe

He came back for her then
to remain the lone star in her cosmos
She rocks her memories gently on the swing
of two berry-stained knees sharing one spring
©Reena Prasad

*Jamo= Java Plum


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