Enduring legacy

Rummaging through all the glitter
Diamonds I find but a scintillating few
Brazen stones that weigh on the soul
I clasp them close to my wan core
basking in their free, exuberant glow.

Some dangle outside my window
caught on sprawling, sticky vines
morphing into fragile drops of dew.
A glimpse of artistic perfection
on display till the sun is away.

Humble lessons from ephemeral lives
much lovelier than our own
to question arrogant mortal ways.
The tree stretches its leafy limbs
The drop trembles and is no more.


The best is always on hold for me
A delicate lace I knit and weave
to cover some life- stained orphreys.
Pearl upon pearl, I silently string
till a flawless strand delicately sways.


The rest I leave to skipping Time
My baubles will latch on, I believe
to some lively, crackling twigs
Till my tree too shakes its branches
One fine  day.



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