Heat Loss

A poem for today’s cold, dark and brooding morning.The sun is on vacation and the black thunderclouds are having a ball in his absence. The kids are in bed with snuffles and sneezes, having a self-declared holiday from school. Winnie the Pooh and Ben10 are busy keeping them company. The afternoon too promises to be a shadow of the passing morn and my son wonders if the sun has slipped and fallen into the rough sea!

Heat loss

Cold shivers and foggy mornings,
creep into my warm home.
Tiny crevices between shuttered windows
turn traitor, letting winter roam.
Arresting my buoyant thoughts
like snow flakes on a rising dough.

All the warmth of night’s embrace,
now stolen by the icy draught.
Like a warm cover pulled away
turning my toes into wintery slots.
A cool current in a summery sea,
A vacant imprint lies next to me.

Hugging the still warm pillow,
snuggling into a familiar scent
I try to hold on to his heat,
to prolong awhile the cosy spell
The shirt at the foot of the bed,
now covers me as well.

©Reena Prasad

One thought on “Heat Loss

  1. I think it’s so interesting when you explain what brings you to write your poems Reena .
    …like snow flakes on rising dough.
    All the warmth of last night’s embrace now stolen by icy draught.
    Like a warm cover pulled away.
    Love all these .


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