New Year Update 2012

3 weeks into 2012…some worlds have ended, newer ones have begun. Loving friends have graduated to become ‘unfriends’ jumping over the barriers of ‘like’ and ‘unlike’ smoothly. Poems are still being written, stories are still being told, people who went away are returning back with plastic flowers and some rocks which refused to budge are melting into mushy rivulets. The sky is overcast but there is also hope, for the sun is winning against all odds. FB world is abuzz with rants and tantrums galore, dirty linen hanging on walls, soul stirring discussions on love and cars, word souffles rising smoothly undetterred by rampant slurs…and as Wodehouse might have said.”Gods are in their big heavens” and we are all safe in our little ones. and my son wonders if his legs are aching because he plays football in his dreams!

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