Growlery fare

In the growlery

And the door slams twice
Bemused I remain
Not knowing
whether to go away
Or stay
Not believing in the crash
or the shattered shards
or the piercing hate.

Our last bash
When joy grew wings and
imagination flew unfettered
soothing sensitive alcoves
with soft, silent pings.
Creating secret gardens
amidst inane musings
Happily cluttering walls
With the undead graffiti within.

Thoughts clicked into place
Strangest cookies melted
into perfectly sane cakes
Reverberating twin soul echoes
Of streaming thought waves
quilted memory-catchers
with oscillating heart strings

Mirth had a gala time
morphing guilt into dark rhymes
Lies rolled off glib fingers
Placid mirrors remained untouched
by avalanches of snowing slime
Lonely hearts tangoed around
imaginary word bonfires
thriving under the customary grime.

Hurting looks never revealed
Glances askance were shrouded deep
The storm began in my sleep
Sudden cold showers, bitter rains
Acrid smoke fills the screen
Ruptured balloon bits
Some strands of burnt kisses
And a bitter after taste
is all that remains.

Or go away?
I still remain
to see if Tomorrow will really
become Yesterday
Hoping without hope
to see that happen


4 thoughts on “Growlery fare

  1. The red background doesn’t help reading easily, but from what I managed to read I like the first stanza and the question on the end very much, it’s a moment we’ve all experienced … the easy part is to go, if you stay, you gain bravery and a lesson for those who give up without trying!


  2. Thank you Blaga! for pointing that out..never realised that red was a nuisance! Changed it now..and so so glad that you liked those parts of my poem…U r right..the brave thing is to stay and fight it out ..but yes, everyone does have these doubts in a weak moment:-)


  3. There was a lot of emotion in this…it made it real. I think sometimes it helps to get these feelings out, on paper, where you can look at them for what they are, and then see if a decision is easier to make. I do not envy you this choice, my friend. But I think Blaga is right – it’s a lot easier to go and give up than it is to stay and fight for something you want. I wish you peace in this matter and hope your heart will survive whatever choice you make. *hugs*


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