Wind chimes: A collage poem

WIND CHIMES: a collage

 by Reena Prasad, Madhumita Ghosh and Bharat Ravikumar
 edited : Ampat Koshy

The panorama changes, whispered the wind
Time to retouch the faded canvas
Though it still rains somewhere inside
Yet calm reveals a rainbow bright!

Indeed the wind whispers to me tonight
I see your silhouette smile at me
We paint bygone days
In the colours of a rising rainbow
The labyrinth of stratosphere
wraps around me like mist
Within its billowing furrows
I nestle the crook of my head.

Wind is in its element
now a zephyr kissing the leaves
now a storm scattering them
Let it blow finding an echo
for in the heart
is a breeze waiting for release.

Madhumita Ghosh
Bharat Ravikumar
Ampat Koshy

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