Needless journey

Written on 27/11/2011. Sunday

I lost a dear Aunt yesterday………. I thought there was plenty of time…that it was just another hospital trip but Death proved me wrong.

Needless journey

My wedding album is turning into a facebook of departed souls

Yet another smiling face in a Kanchipuram saree left yesterday

Just last Sunday, she talked, smiled and even joked with my sister

though yellow and sick, from her hospital bed.

Today is again a Sunday, gray with her ashes.

She left, leaving me churning in a personal ocean of undiluted guilt.

For ten years ,she wasn’t a priority

She had invited a blissful couple to her place

Children, jobs, land deals, marriages, illness

all took precedence over her call

After all, she was not one to fall sick ever…

For ten years, I had plenty of excuses from across the ocean

for not having visited her

Today I cannot find a single, authentic one that can redeem my guilt

Now she smiles like once before in my dreams,

hugging and comforting me

And I wake up on wet pillows, sobbing with grief.

-Reena Prasad


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