The FB Stalker

“Be not affronted at a joke.

If one throw salt at thee,

thou wilt receive no harm,

unless thou art raw.”

~Oliver Goldsmith

Prayer: “May God keep us from meeting one or becoming one”

The FB stalker 

He is ‘friends’ with all the lovely ladies on screen
Making them fall for his self-pitying humour and eager beam.
He rushes everywhere at once pacifying them all
He”likes ” your every  outpouring barely reading a word at all.
Remains on top of your friend list, yet you hardly know him
You keep getting his notifications, even when you restrict him.
His weird messages make your hair stand on end in a shivering bout.
He comments on last year photos, you have forgotten about.
He sends messages strange, to every possible victim
Beware..he lurks behind every tag, clingier than a leech’s bloody bin
Do not click the “accept” box, his evil grin lurks inside.
If you meet him online, just pretend to be rude and blind
He stands just outside your window, waiting for any minute sign.
He is Your FB  stalker, a creepy crawlie online.

-Reena Prasad

(loosely adapted from 7 signs of being stalked on FB)

3 thoughts on “The FB Stalker

  1. I’ve had one or two of those too, that’s why some time ago I cleared my FB list and I am not adding people that I don’t know! The internet is a great thing , but sometimes dangerous, nothing as it seems to be most of the time!


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