Mothers and daughters

‘Mom, aren’t you coming to bed?’
She asks, tugging at my nightdress
Her pretty hair tousled
baby feet jiggling impatiently
at the sight of a pen in my hand.
I see and hear you, my darling
And I see her too, my dearest Mom
Her eyes, she has shared with you
to look at me whenever you do.

When you grumble at the boiled peas
your tiny noises of protest make me smile
I miss the little green trees in her apron,
her gentle admonishings coaxing me
to have just a teaspoon more.
You twirl around in your new white frock
Dancing away your heart on your small toes
I see our tango–hers and mine
Perched on her hip, close to her breath.

Sometimes I know that you are just bored
there aren’t any more pebbles to throw
The pond in our backyard is just a memory
Unlike some familiar, remembered genes,
in your threads that lushly glow
I am not really annoyed when I scowl
Missing you even as you turn to go
But you always remember to turn and wave
And there, waving her little one, off to school
is my Mom, at the kitchen window.

Time cycles down some winding lanes
You become her and she will be you again
Moments when love pushes open genetic doors
and marches out from under girly curls and bows
Exasperated at some dumb moment of daughters
Or so proud that they forget their heavenly haloes
Motherhood comes alive in times of need
To shine within other mothers- to be
The wisdom passed from gene to gene
reassures me of invincible immortality within.

So here we go hand in hand,
to dream of a loving land
Where mothers will smile and wave fairy wands
To make better lives for little angels left behind.
I pray, you may dream on a little while more
For the dawn to come only when you wish
And as I snuggle into your baby smell
I dream of another night, another happy nap|
When bed for me was my mother’s lap.
Reena Prasad


2 thoughts on “Mothers and daughters

  1. Hello Reena,
    i found your blog through Mihir’s poetry blog, and I relly liked your poetry. Your poems are like a testimony to our times.
    Hoping to read more and more from you… following you now!
    Please visit my book blog at
    If you like the blog, please follow… looking forward to having you over often…


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