Scent of a dream

A single white flower

bloomed underneath the silent window

Reaching out with its scented fingers

To where my dreamless world lay asleep

A gentle fragrance of love, of loss

Became a caressing throb

Singing with sweet refrain

through black tresses spread over white clouds

Burying barely veiled desires

I read your poem again

finding my name everywhere

The words which lay cold till now

Burning me with their desire raw

listening as the written words revealed

all the stories that were never meant to be

The yearnings ran deep

shaking all pretenses of sleep

Yet  knowing once again

This night too will come to an end

though away, far away from me,

I try to shut out the insistent strains

of my own sighs and your silence

Love remains beautiful still

but only in a dream

can I be free to whisper a name

blooming red on forbidden stalks

Drenching the humid night sweat

with the scent of a hidden nishagandhi.
©Reena Prasad

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