Not in the picture

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When the blazing forest fire consumes all petrified beings
when the roar of a Niagara falls not in man’s realm
when nights and days roll on untouched by human hands
how can beauty or truth fall in a human domain?

The yellow sun pulls his chariot across the blue skies
waves leap up trying to reach the moon in her serene high
The night breeze cools the land heat after a sweltering day
Where was man when all these were designed by nature at play? 

A toy of natural evolution, a putty of earthy elements
Earth was and is and will be despite man’s puny presence
In vain he may pit his tiny frame against nature’s sway
Cosmic forces have written his road map before he even came into play

He brags that the color palette on earth is a painting for him
writes of a virgin bower where every flower smiles at him
Fool is he for there lies true beauty where no human treads
There lies the breezy truth which swirls inside his very ordinary blood

His truth crumbles when the innards of a mountain rumble
he runs in terror when the ocean stretches her watery limbs
When all is calm, he crawls about foraging for his bread
losing his sanguinity the moment Earth gently shakes her head

For it was not he who taught the bird to sing
it was not he who scented the lavender and the tulsi sprig
He spends his life hovering on the edge of creation looking in
failing to accept that he is only a speck in a larger scheme of things

©Reena Prasad


2 thoughts on “Not in the picture

  1. A great amount of thought to let seep in,in one go..What you wrote here is so true and it seems it is so simple infront of our eyes..but seriously before reading you i might have not even thought about it.
    Great piece..


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