The platform

Another train speeds by
 A lone figure on a shaky plank laughs
 at no one in particular
 A hurtling body
Voices and words, spilling egos
All rushing past.

A rock underneath trembles
 as a tremor of delayed reason
 tears through makeshift shelters of covert emotions
 Pebbles embedded in fake, golden fetters
 fall in unison
 dislodged by staunch yet unfulfilled logical quakes.

Time extends sensible propositions
 for ploughing through the playing fields-
 now a furrowed moss of accumulated disguises
 Discomfiture no longer lacing the offset
 of a sudden erosion-much needed, long awaited
 Mental monoliths crumble
 revealing termite-eaten driftwood
 as the next consignment of fake worlds shudders by.

A clamour to reach Tomorrow at speeds insane
 forgetting the lush fields on either sides of Today
 Nicks made by Time pinned as medals
 on chests that have lost their hearts
 Collections, exhibitions
 to one who has jumped off the speeding train.

 ©Reena Prasad


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