As they fall into place

They smother me and my thoughts

Turning sparkling days into moonless nights.


  Sometimes I hang them for your sake

For you do love that pretty lace

But what are these joys compared to mine

When words rain on me from every place?

I run here and there with open arms

Trying to gather as many as I can

for one that slips from my eager hands

falls into a gorge where it is lost to time.

Why do you deny it a simple life

as a tiny drop of morning dew?

I know it will stay happy with me

in the company of other words too.


To pretend that the sunset is mediocre,

a waste of color

is a lie that takes away a part of me

but if I live, my words will too

so for now I will admire the lacy curtains new

keeping the colors of the setting sun within me

Never letting you know

A sun sets in my soul too.

©Reena Prasad, May 2012



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