Does it still rain?

They touched everywhere, those cold drops

A wet afternoon shivered at the onslaught

Drops falling in showers at a faint nod

Drops cascading over trembling thoughts

 They fell till every doubt was drenched

they kept falling till the rain felt right

A gentle drizzle had started at night

Now it lashed the path right out of sight

Water sloshing across the busy street

driving the crowds to drier retreats

Perhaps it was a pact earth made

with the matchmaking monsoon breeze

Nothing can wait when nature conspires

to break the barriers, to thaw the freeze

It rained till there weren’t any dry nooks

till rain became a gurgling song of a brook

The glistening road, the sprinkled flowers

A bridal bed with the fragrance of petrichor

leaving them almost baffled at the ease

heavens opened up to let the lovers meet

A rippling raindrop trembles on an evergreen leaf

and I see it burst into a thousand dreams.
 ©Reena Prasad, May 2012



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