Only a few summers away from you

never a sorrow but a sweet, hidden joy

that made the birds on imaginary vines

chirp secret thoughts that brought a smile

As the miles grew between our worlds

I recall that goodbyes were never said

never needing those empty words

to fill a heart that was ever full

for you would always be near

within reach of a laugh or a tear

smiling at hidden jokes that not a soul knew

Eyes meeting nonchalantly as heart beats flew

while the slow flame within

burned nights into day

reliving the tender moments

which in my heart were there to stay

False bravery made us dare to tempt

time, love and the forever day

I smiled, nodded and went away

though hands un-touchingly clasped

unwilling to part ways

Silenced by differences that grew in silence

one day the bells no longer rang

Each to their own, time alone knew

of a closeness that could never reveal its latent power

of a love that never really went away

of an ache that never found its way

But it is sweet too, this summer’s raging ire

for the sun out there matches some inner fires.

©Reena Prasad



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