Paper in the breeze


Wooden windows which once stroked the breeze

The latticed design through which she peeped

One day dust will smother the pretty picture

leaving some cobwebs hanging onto beams

The lush sofa ensconcing the happy couple

will rust into reddish rods sans any fluff

The roadside fence will no longer creakingly bear

the weight  of a heart as anxious eyes persevere

Hope is a forgotten, forlorn wench

who left home while the youth grew up

One day a pair of homesick feet may retrace

a journey made over the map of a town

Sea and sand shall have weathered jutting rocks

to make a smooth love-seat for newer climes

The corner house, its bougainvillea fringe

will too languish in mute loneliness

keeping its silent secrets within forsaken walls

till one day it vanishes from the scene

Nothing will stay, the way it is

nothing at all can escape the wheels

swiftly they turn, the wheels on the road

as the way leads deeper, still deeper into Time

A hint of a smile in a forgotten snap

a creaky bench near a broken swing

a crooked tree, some fallen leaves

a fading sunset, an abandoned dream

A torn paper chased by an impish breeze

flutters down a desolate street

and some shells in those silent sands remember

a wave that still pounds on an inner shore.

©Reena Prasad


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