Treading a trodden path

The numbers blur and move slightly again
feet tired yet unwilling to stop
left following right and vise versa
while metres reluctantly turn into kilometres
A pace steady, the steps mechanical
destined to roll till my time is up
A winged creature worms into my heart
gently carting it away across rigid fences
I see the black roses drink in the dew
and the chameleon cock its reddish-brown head
I hear two familiar voices discuss family finance
and the school bell summon the precious holidays
Then a smoky train chugs across a few borders
leading me to a rain-drenched terrace
where a girl twirls round with an absent love
her skirts billowing in the evening breeze
The whole scenario slowly becomes dark
with nightingales crying under soiled bed sheets
sleepless vigils and the smell of disinfectant
Death looking in from broken window panes
I see a lost mind singing behind a locked grill
The song carrying me in without any key
Weddings and honeymoons follow me around
leaving no time to look back at lost worlds
The train transforms into a plump aircraft
and before I know it , a machine beeps
Half an hour on a tread mill
and I have travelled around a lifetime I believe.


3 thoughts on “Treading a trodden path

  1. “Treading a trodden path | BUTTERFLIES OF TIME” really enables me contemplate a little bit
    extra. I actually admired each and every
    single part of this blog post. Thanks for your effort -Henry


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