Lost worlds

Away from a world that never was real
yet more real if compared to the alternative one
Something is lost, the powdery dust over the petals
The glitter fades into yet another ordinary gown
Impatient yearnings breathed life into words once
but this was yet another shabby trick of time
An old bottle, a pair of weary hands
twisting the cork with hopes of a sparkling delight
The keys were toys that eventually broke
leaving locks to rust and dangle on doors
When a world is lost, another is made
for limits and rules make up a game
But now it all seems so far away
the dice and counters lost among days
Days now stretch into longer nights
The words once said matter no more
swallowed by a churning ocean
that sucks all thoughts
Once left behind
it is a relief to run no more
©Reena Prasad 10th May 2012


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