Macabre falls


 Stumbling home after a stormy night

No paths leads to the shack where sleep lurks

A muddy stream snarls by

carrying waving, floating hands

A wave of bony claws sans fingernails

Wavering, hovering on a cliff-edge

a side step and then it begins!

Whooshing down a pit teeming with coiled vipers

Hissing venom, spreading hate

spluttering in lava then thrown upwards

where huge burning suns clash

in the amaranthine sky

night changes colour into a wailing blue

exploding into gigantic clouds of flames

Gargantuan trees collapse, oozing purple rivulets

annihilating the dilapidated city

Vultures swoop down with raucous shrieks

feasting upon carrions of the neighbouring undead.

Withered crops burrow into wasted fields

morphing into treacherous whirlpools at night

Dense forests quiver with projectile predators

Lost ocean worlds resurface within volcanic craters

White sharks bare chain-saw teeth

crunching through living bones in delight

Helpless ghouls flee from grinning humans

in vain–a gory, bloody flight.

Suspended from a gory peduncle of night

Pale eyes torn open with icy fright still imbibe

the tale lurking under sanity’s sleeve

the dream falling of the bed into a nightmare or vice versa

where everything is plausible, probably even right

End of a night for the sleeping psyche,

Or the end of the world, for a dreamer’s insight.

©Reena Prasad
Published in ” In the midnight hour”

An anthology of horror poetry @2012



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