Thought chat

Words flowed off the table

 rolled into open books

 meeting some old pals who lived

 among the dusty pages and in undiscovered nooks

 They patted each other’s aching backs

 keeping the used hearts aside for a while

 Some secrets softly tunneled into yielding ears

 while grim realities turned up their noses into smirks

 yet laughter emerged unscathed

 from under all the strewn rubble

 melting stressed bundles into feathery smiles

 A love coffee drunk, two smiley cookies shared

 then all felt happier, even the cups rejoiced

 Fresh and dusted, all stress busted

 The words rolled into staid images once more

 to be hung on walls or stored in books

 or kept as showpieces or used as hooks

 Back they went to their fixed slots

 Time stood beckoning as the hour came to a close

 there you see them with not a leaf out of place

 Standing in shelves ready to be unread.

 ©Reena Prasad

10th  May 2012


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