My word! I do

For all those who love them

And then there was one fat one
who wanted to get in between two thin ones 

 His august presence almost transformed
the sordid murder scene
nto a sombre royal dream! 

Two close friends wanted to get their own way
When I parted them, they just sulked away
I pacified them with little games
for their union would be
one huge mistake 

But who could foresee some bitter enmity
when an elegant one refused to shake hands with me?
I asked her twice-removed cousins to help me out
they almost refused thinking of second-fiddle indignity

I see groups of them singing ballads
then they regroup into strange tankas
when on the road, they wink from signs
letting me know that they are never far behind 

If you see only a few,
 now they must be plotting
some wicked haiku

Sometime they badger me from all around
That’s when I turn around
and delete them all.

These are moody guys but I think they rock
 they turn staid evenings into disco nights
 you see them do all my dirty work
Thanking you humbly when you applaud.

Words they are, they make up my lines
 I love them all for they are simply divine!
©Reena Prasad
7th August 2012


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