The battlefield

‘Scuds’ whizz past amidst fierce chants
declaring war
A frisson of potential devastation
reverberates through the glass panes
Vertical ascension feats witnessed
in the open doorways
Fake but piercing cries attenuate the sense of doom
war paint glitters, elephant herds trumpet away
Ferraris toot impatient horns
amidst roars of a wounded tiger.

Slow silence spreads her arms
like an unobtrusive thought
yet within seconds, intrinsic alarm bells
are set off
blaring the mega absence of  any sound.

Just a heartbeat away, ever alert
dread hastening her bare feet,
a mother enters the battlefield.

Two little warriors lie hushed
in the combat zone
captive, tussled, utterly defeated
by an innocuous fairytale.
© Reena Prasad
17th August 2012



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