My friends my teachers

My friends, my teachers

I want to say something more than what is on those cards with the lovely pictures. I find those quotes and cards (though some are really beautiful) failing to express my admiration and gratitude to each one of my Fb friends (all of whom are my teachers in their own special way).

Being on Fb is a continuous learning experience. I came here from a lonely world of blogging, lonely because I have been reluctant to advertise my stuff and suddenly it was like having the spot light turned permanently on me, notifications popping up, a picture that warmed the soul, friends supporting me with kind words and smileys, fun moments and group laughing sessions that keep me chuckling throughout the day, supportive messages popping into my inbox in times when the going is not very smooth, people reading my stuff and taking time to comment and correct, strangers with even stranger profile pictures turning into close friends–I have enjoyed it all. Each one of my friends has taught me something that is unique to them, given me a special part of themselves that no one else could, taught me to look beyond the trivial and the mundane, to never underestimate the power of a kind word or gesture. You have been my teacher and instrumental in shaping my personality and my writings in ways that will take me an eternity to really grasp.
I am thankful to you all for inspiring me and bringing a huge amount of friendly sunlight into my day, teaching me little and big things, smiling, encouraging and showing so much faith in me that I have begun to have faith in myself.
Thank you All my FRIENDs on Facebook
Every one of you is wished a Very Happy Teachers Day.
© Reena Prasad 5th september 2012


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