Plain speak

Clouds, night and rain
spring, summer and the breeze
beautiful words to breathe in
moonlit trysts, broken chains
merely metaphors
to disguise some dreams.


When has the sea not listened to the shore
or the tree not ached to touch the blue
Ever seen a grass that did not nod to the wind
or a wave resist the moon’s lure?


Let us pretend to have lived and loved
letting go of all the wonderland stakes.
Obvious it is to the ones that can see,
love is a game to be played as we please.


Throw in some letters, let them make a word
Put a few souls together, let them choose their fate
and when a thread has started to weave
and some words have begun to speak,
let us play the smash and  break game
tear off the board, let the pieces remain
a knight with an elephant, a knave with the queen
After all, life is too silly to be precisely arrayed.


Then let us bring in the clouds, ask why they are dark
or why the wind plays upon a plaintive harp
or why the autumn leaves are blowing around in spring
and why the falling raindrops have a salty sting?
©Reena Prasad 1st Sept. 2012


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