Precious nights

Cold sheets with death breathing irregularly

 between them

 deceptively soft, electronic beeps blaring messages

 of internal conflicts in the final battle

 disturbing her casual flirtations with sleep

 She marks the vital charts

 dreaming of days of sunshine

 in the antiseptic night


 Faint, restless groans intermittently

 jolting her heart beats

 She watches over the old life fiercely,

 more precious to her now

 than to the tired forms

 sleeping huddled outside the ICU doors,

 wanting to get on with their young lives.


The unmoving form on the high bed

 Catatonically positioned, frightens her

 She checks the machines, they proclaim peace

 But a human need still persists

 Gently she takes the sleeping hand in hers

 and smiles at a little pulse beat.

 Sleep extending life to outlast night.

 ©Reena Prasad 18th Sept 2012


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