Finding me

 So I set out to see
 if I can survive being just me
 to love from afar, I always do
 only this time it is me I stalk 

 Sans straps or chains, I walk
 noose-free neck, no bags to hang
 no freaking hands over my wrist
 no metal clips to curb my flare 

 Unsure at first, I keep to the kerb
 as slow, invisible wings push their way out
 the broad sunshine feels like the earth’s smile
 a calmness floods, pouring strength into scars 

 A few low life specimens hang around
seemingly baffled at my stance
searching covertly for a ring or dot
finding none, they gape at the free- for- all 

 Yet they seem as mere specks of dirt
 I can wipe away anytime I please
 what astounds me is my aura of calm
 while my feet kick up their little sand storms 

 My spirit rises to meet my soaring song
 The sand, the sun, my space, my time
 and I find me happy just to belong.

©Reena Prasad 25th Sept 2012


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