The meeting place~


 Perhaps a cold wind blows in icy silence

 White reigns supreme here

 The happily homeless roam

 mostly alone

 for none have a destiny to fulfill

 Some in shadowy groups

 sitting on the edges of glaciers

 listening to the birth of rivers 

 The newly escaped ones lying on snow

 erasing the memories of warmth

 The old hands reveling in the brief stint of freedom

 before the die is cast

 And the call comes

 To re-enter the cages

 They float about

 feeding upon the absence of thought

 carrying no trace of their ancestry

 The heaven the soulful ones pray for

 A quiet garden of souls

 Leaving imperceptibly

to become a wail

 Entering hurriedly

 to escape from more wails.

©Reena Prasad 2nd October 2012


8 thoughts on “The meeting place~

  1. yes, It is about a meeting place for souls after they have left their mortal shell. Hence the poem begins with ‘perhaps’. Thank you for reading and your visit Umashanker. Do come back and look around again! 🙂


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