A spring in tatters~

Must stop reeling in rainbows,

 the flowers are starting to stare

 A cat on the wall mews something

that sounds like ‘Get a life’


 A paper hurtling down the street

 with the wind in hot pursuit

 makes me think of things that do not belong

to any part of my time


 A tune plays among the swirling leaves

 its rhythm makes my toes dance

Unsaid words gush upon me

 with an impact of concrete sound


 A moment later

 a paper-boat cloud merrily floats away

 and I stow all my beautiful seasons upon it

 waving, knowing

 a tattered spring had returned briefly

 to savour its passé heyday.

 © Reena Prasad 2nd October 2012
PUBLISHED in The Indian River Review  Issue 2 , 2013

4 thoughts on “A spring in tatters~

  1. Loved this very much, strong use of images and tightened language. I hope you consider submitting to our magazine.


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