Snooping around our window
damp with fog’s soggy sighs,
a day spotted us
restless within a cloistered dream.

It poured light through screen gaps
driving away the vestiges of sleep,
its shadows dancing like mobile graffiti

Beseeching us to
slip humdrum cares
into colourful slippers
straw hats and sparse beachwear,
and throttle foolish misgivings
drowning them in the salty sea.

Bleached brown
with pockets full of sand
wet moments stashed away for drier nights,
we bundled the playful day
and threw it at the diving sun.

In sleep’s amorous arms,
tired limbs entwining,
settling into comfortable slots
savouring the faint taste of salty skin
I thought of the wayward day
now cosseted in the warm night’s hug.

©Reena Prasad 18th nov 2012


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