Winter rain

Rain in Sharjah
Rain in Sharjah
Rain drops on window panes, sliding down till they burst into millions of smaller droplets. A pigeon sits all fluffed up to combat the cool breeze. Winter has arrived overnight, transforming the landscape completely. A pale sun peeps from behind the dark masses of clouds as they form a fleece blanket around him. The floor is icy cold, so is the sofa railing. Despite having plugged and sealed all crevices in a bid to keep summer from leaving, winter has ambled in nonchalantly adding lots of zest and freshness to cosy, complacent lives. Proper rains after two whole years ! We are celebrating here!



4 thoughts on “Winter rain

  1. I am happy that you have rain, knowing that it has been so long coming to you! Just out of curiosity, what are those things in the picture that look like upside-down wineglasses? It’s a fascinating image.


  2. Corina , I am so glad you liked the shot! I like it too.. it is the fencing /barrier on the roadside separating the desert from the road so that camels do not stray and get hit by cars. I clicked it from the closed window pane of our car iin the rain. It does look like upturned wine glasses! Thank you for reading all those poems . My blog just came alive with your comments!!


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