A stopover


Clouds sojourn here
chubby bundles, white and grey
looking down upon soft sand headstones
laid over forgotten grassy graves.

Their potbellies wobble,
having sipped up oceans, one too many
Rumbling, growling,
on the verge of explosion,
their impatience flashes silver.

Water leaks over the thirsty desert, little by little
They can hold it in no more
Not content with the trickle,
they tear their bellies open
letting their guts spill over.

Drops roll down window panes
A finger traces their path
etching longings in dusty relief.

©Reena Prasad 4th Dec. 2012


One thought on “A stopover

  1. OH! There are so many good lines in this and I love the way you’ve described them (the clouds). “chubby bundles”, “Their potbellies wobble / having sipped up oceans, one too many” Such fantastic imagery, Reena! It has been too long since I last visited your blog. I have much catching up to do. 🙂 And I am sure I will enjoy every second of it.


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