Moonflies on my skin

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Fiery beams pierce soft skies
seeking to delay the onset of night
On a brilliant bosom, gold glitters
A vile cologne spreads undeterred
as alluring quilts of sleep apparate
trying to nail a roving sprite
caught in an unfinished tug of war
between rogue days that clamour
over nubile nights.

Time to transcend the powdered skin
Huddled feathers hush voluble beaks
Chanting crickets culminate in a baying crescendo
Cries and jeers sync into a whimper
Sanity mimics a falling movie curtain
with measured movements of settling dust
Nightmares gallop down the road
lighting latent matches under prayers

Moonflies emerge after the hooves recede
to pop irrational cocoons
filled with the trivia of loveless dreams
to release clipped and glued wings
not to send a love-float to circle the moon
but to suck out the plastic from living follicles.
©Reena Prasad  6th Jan 2013


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