Summer in me



The cement floor was cool
when you lay prone on it, palms down
letting the coolness seep in
yet it smelt of summer
Sunrays streamed down through banyan leaves
across the road, the half-ajar door became a frame
for the parijatham tree
with  clusters of pink madhumalti blooms
nodding into the picture
An invisible click by my heart
for I have a fading snapshot of a June afternoon
in my treasure box along with the fragrance of a scratched tree bark
a memory of a last page in an autograph pad
and of the sun smiling at me through a pair of dark eyes
a stubborn ring of a cycle bell
and the feel of love blushing in umpteen spots all at once
warming my winter- nipped toes now
and the only thing that binds two seasons together
is the feeling of being the most happy when alone
which I could never shake off
then or now.
 ©Reena Prasad 8th Jan 2013

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