In absentia

A rattan chair creaks to the rhythm
of a wind chime’s faint tinkle
A fat drop of water
plops into a plastic bucket keeping time
Invisible limbs stretch making the wooden bed groan
The lace curtain flaps nudged by an unseen breeze
A doll with two pigtails nods her head, freezing when I look
Soundtracks of urban life
the hum of the fridge, the clock’s tick
now insist on  having my undivided attention
but bits of unfinished conversation, the zing of excited chatter,
memories of patter of tiny feet, the echoes of a thumping football,
the feel of a small, round head now absent from my lap-
all keep me company till life bursts through the front doors again
The shadow that follows me around when I am home alone
elopes with the setting sun.
©Reena Prasad  22nd Jan 2013
Published in the Anthology  ‘For all the Lonely people’  by Niamh Clune and Plum Tree Books


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