Give peace a chance


Thunderous frowns darkened the sky
trees stood gloomy in a brooding silence
flowers  doubted their wilting powers
to paint faded gardens all over again
The wind grew impatient waiting for spring.
the sea rumbled its discontent at the heavens.
and out of nowhere came  flying a dove
peace written on every feather
love flowing from its soul
it kissed the clouds, the sky turned blue
happy  trees turned green once more
flowers spread a carpet on Earth
gentle breezes rocked the sea to rest
the dove flew around on wings of hope
sharing the joy she had brought with her
till the happy echoes prompted heaven
to shower divine blessings on earthly beings
The dove, a messenger of  the  human heart
came to calm restless spirits
soothing  troubled brows, bringing soft glows
her touch faded every sorrow
her breath melted the desert heat
the season transformed from sad to sweet
Let us build her a beautiful nest on Earth
so that she stays forever with us.

©Reena Prasad  2nd nov 2011 (Published in World peace World healing  Vol. 1 -A poetry anthology)


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