Worship for the future devout
The prodigal plastic barbie
pictures of bigots
excavated mud pots
violent souvenirs
kitchen sinks
driftwood from oceans
unsold poetry books
rejected manuscripts
vomit of the disgusted earth
Remnants of lost prisons
wandering insanity
human chains masquerading as divine bracelets
glass marbles buried by little fingers
A little doll lies under rocks
its owner lost to the sea
to resurface in a new impuissant world
walking on moon and stars
yet looking to the sky and sea
for bonus divine intervention
Build a hallowed pedestal
if you are human
Declare the orphaned toy
a god.

©Reena Prasad edited on 3rd march 2013

Published in Daniela Voicu’s anthology “http://revistacuib.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/revista-martie-20131.pdf


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