Streaming away

DSC05049 (800x450)

The stream divides the green into two
meandering away from the known
forcing thoughts
to put hands on undefined, slippery curves
to revisit decrepit shelters
to reassess the traps set by the squelchy ground
where the green fades into yellow,
exposing cow-munched barren patches

The stream seems to stake a claim
It wants to be the new road
its clear face reflects a sky breaking into chaotic pieces
as feet intrude into its watery hollows
seeking out pebbles to act as footholds
to counter the avalanching thoughts
that find no moss to cling to
as they slip and slither down the muddy banks
away from the maze of daylight’s green pretences
into the Cimmerian haunts of night.
©Reena Prasad 3rd April 2013

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