In The Sandbox By Ampat Koshy | On The Plum Tree

In The Sandbox By Ampat Koshy | On The Plum Tree.

Rhymes and rhythm are a natural part of poetry.  In fact the youngest readers of poetry find joy in the rhyming schemes that is a part of almost every poem for kids. As one reads more and more, the content starts to matter a bit more and in due course the reader as well as the writer feels the need to break free of  the repetetive schemes that can sometimes curb natural expression. But sounds and rhymes remain an important part of poems in that they add melody, music and joy to poems. It is a challenge to write poems with a meaningful refrain and with perfect consistancy of syllable count and rhyming scheme and yet deal with a serious theme which can be relished by all readers and Dr, Koshy through his illustration of such one  fantastic poem by Algernon Charles Swinburne amply demonstrates how this can be done. A great lesson which can be learnt and incorporated at which ever stage of poetry writing one is. It looks easy but is really tough. Believe me, I tried. 🙂


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