Yet again…

©Reena Prasad
©Reena Prasad


You apparate during my stroll
in the shaded waterfront near the artificial lake
My feet tangle, I take cover behind a tree
and listen to your step’s
symphony with my heart’s thrum
You freeze as if spotting a wraith
though it’s only my vibes hanging around you
wiping their cold feet on your warm soul

I remain hidden
envying the easy familiarity
of us as a perfectly solved puzzle
No conditions, no testing the waters
hugging as we discover the ‘us’ in the crush

Yet you look as if stricken hard
by the zephyr crossing the waters
and I wallow in memory’s warm slush
and I pray for bilateral, coronary amnesia
to soften the blow, to even the score

Wafting away briefly on time-pulled paper boats
the beautiful myth of love acting as a pain balm
I hear a childish giggle and turn
A small face with untold mirth
is watching a grown-up hug a date palm
©Reena Prasad


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