Bubble world


A world I know
has an axe wedged into it
After each round of a Ferris wheel ride
it cracks a bit more apart ever so slowly
Looking around, I see more spit than art on its walls
the fissures growing apart, spreading their hairline fingers
like scraggly barren branches trying to grab at white fluff
Nothing can hold it all together much longer
bodies will fall into mindless chasms
and minds disappear into disembodied ravines
A final crunch: this glass globe will shatter
leaving behind a collective human wail
I wait eagerly for the final silence
after it all crumbles into dust
breathing in wet, green fields at the mere thought
of letting out the pent-up miasma of displeasure
this artificial cocoon forces into my breath
©Reena Prasad 21st May 2013

5 thoughts on “Bubble world

  1. I love butterflies, excuse me that has nothing to do with your post, which found to be wonder piece of writing.


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