The Wednesday Poetry Corner.

Beautiful poems ! Alan and Imen are both so eloquent that the words jump out of the page with their energy and vibrancy.

Dr Niamh's Children's Books

Today I introduce you to two extraordinary poets. I am happy to announce that Plum Tree Books will be publishing them both in the near future.The first is Dublin born Alan Patrick Traynor. Patrick sets the page alight! He is a brave, sizzling voice, writing as though possessed.  I wonder that he is an elemental. I am excited to have discovered him for the Plum Tree. He will follow in the long line of Irish poets that have made their mark on the world. Unconventional, thumbing his nose at the Irish intelligentsia, the snooty, conservative, fear-filled nay-sayers that have never known how to take risks with genius. They forced most of the great Irish artists, poets and writers to leave Erin’s shores, Those who stay in Ireland rest unpeacefully in an in-between world along with the Tuatha De Danann.  Alan is unafraid to disarrange syntax and break up the…

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