A hint of sunlight at the end of a warm tunnel
Square bits of sky stuck like windows
within a sea of white
A figure on a stretcher screamed imperceptibly
and I wriggled out
On the lone bed in the same room, some minutes later
another woman heaved her lungs out
and you came

We were separated by minutes
by seeds, by wombs, by nurses, by baby tags, by religion
and we found the same school
the same class
and growing up chose
the same selfless white

My ‘hit and miss’ twin
we met again after marriage
only to commiserate with each other
over a harsh loss shared
In our years apart and together
we were never ‘good’ friends
yet all we could talk of when we met again
were intimate bedroom secrets

I haven’t kept in touch, have lost your number
all deliberate, wanting to prove fate wrong
yet I find you now in the same city

Celebrating birthdays apart
I wrote this for you –a theorem of providence
for our rigid trajectory

For the three days
we have bawled from different laps
at this world together

©Reena Prasad 10th June 2013


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