It won’t rain on you


The sweaty-neck of another summer day
has been washed by the afternoon’s downpour
You could have curled up with a book
watching the trickling drops
and the bird on the line
shaking out the rain from its fluff

A wan sun would have beamed all around
before making way for a cloudy dusk
Boisterous noises of frogs, crickets and crows
settling down into the lap of night
could have made the poet in you sigh once more

The silent night jasmine would have
thrown a kiss of scented bliss
A wet kitten might have come mewing
for some warmth from the arc of light
underneath your door

The night gale would have rattled the chimes
even through your shuttered window
Storms stronger than us need to get their way
like the one that you tried to swallow all alone

but you chose to collect tears in a private pool
ignoring the ones dripping over the sill
growing into circles of love all around
and to keep the sun away forever
and send away hungry, a tiny bob of fur
©Reena Prasad  11th June 2013
♥˜♥In memory of young Nikhil Sharma who left us on 10th June 2013♥˜♥

To be published in “Scaling heights”

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